Mathematical aspects of Quantum Information and Computation

This is the website for the course taught online in 2021 for the SWU Global Immersion Program.

Course material


Lecture Dates (July 2021)Topic
1-312, 13Introduction [pdf]
4-813, 14, 15Linear algebra review [pdf]
9pre-recordedLinear algebra with python [ipynb]
10-11pre-recordedProbability theory review [pdf]
12-1316Qubits. The Bloch sphere [pdf]
14-15pre-recordedUnitary evolution. Quantum measurements [pdf]
16-1919, 20Tensor products. Entanglement. Schmidt decomposition [pdf]
20-21pre-recordedNo-cloning theorem. Quantum teleportation. Superdense coding [pdf]
22-24pre-recordedQuantum circuits. Qiskit quantum programming language
25-26pre-recordedQuantum algorithms: Deutsch, Deutsch-Josza, and Grover
27-2922Quantum channels. Open quantum systems [pdf]
30-3223Classical and quantum entropy. Quantum data compression
Course schedule (subject to change)