Author: Ion Nechita

Postdoctoral position in quantum information theory in Toulouse

POSITION FILLED We are hiring a postdoctoral researcher in Toulouse, either in the physics or in the mathematics department, through the ANR project ESQuisses. The position is for one year, renewable once, starting in fall 2023. Candidates interested in the following subjects are encouraged to apply:– quantum information theory –

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Random quantum measurements

We have a new paper together with Teiko Heinosaari and Maria Anastasia Jivulescu: Random positive operator valued measures. We introduce and analyze different models of random quantum measurements (POVMs). We prove that two very natural procedures for generating random POVMs are actually identical and then we analyze in detail the

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Bipartite unitary operators and quantum Latin squares

Tristan Benoist and I have just arXived our paper On bipartite unitary matrices generating subalgebra–preserving quantum operations. We characterize the set of bipartite unitary operators which give quantum operations preserving some subalgebra of the state space, independently of the state of the coupled environment. The main results in the paper

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