Author: Ion Nechita

Seoul lectures on some applications of random matrices to quantum information theory

Last week, at the invitation of Hun Hee Lee, I gave a series of three lectures on some applications of random matrix theory to problems in quantum information theory. The notes are available here. After discussing the Marchenko–Pastur theorem, I present my result with Teo Banica on partial transposition of

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Linear Matrix Inequalities, Semidefinite Programming and Quantum Information Theory, Toulouse 18-22 January 2016

I am organizing a week-long workshop in Toulouse, on topics of optimization problems in quantum information theory. Besides the usual research talks, there will be lectures by Aram Harrow, Jean Bernard Lasserre and Mihai Putinar on the topics of the workshop: linear matrix inequalities, semidefinite programming, and quantum information theory.

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A couple of days ago, I remembered the following fun fact from my high-school days in Romania: $! \frac{1}{9801}=0,(000102030405\cdots939495969799).$ First, note that I am using the European notation for periodic decimal expansions (or repeating decimals). What you get is a periodic expansion, where all the two-digit numbers from 00 to

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