Postdoctoral position in quantum information theory in Toulouse


We are hiring a postdoctoral researcher in Toulouse, either in the physics or in the mathematics department, through the ANR project ESQuisses. The position is for one year, renewable once, starting in fall 2023.

Candidates interested in the following subjects are encouraged to apply:
– quantum information theory

– multipartite entanglement

– random quantum circuits and many-body dynamics

– random matrices applied to quantum information theory

– random tensors

This is a research-only position. The salary is based on the French regulations and depends on the previous experience of the candidate.

Applications should be sent using the CNRS portal
by June 1st 2023. The application should contain:

– a CV, containing a list of publications and contact information for two senior researchers that can provide recommendation letters,

– a short research statement (cover letter).

Requests for information should be sent to Ion Nechita (

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