Current students


  • [M2] Tristan Klein - working on quantum max flow-min cut



  • [Msc] Khurshed Fitter – Computing norms of (random) tensors with applications to quantum information theory (NanoX internship grant)
  • [PhD, 1 year visit] Qing-Hua Zhang – project on quantum channel incompatibility
  • [M2] Pierre Botteron – Non-local boxes and communication complexity [pdf]


  • [M1] Marine RESANO – Theoretical aspects of random quantum circuits
  • [M1] Juan VIEIRA GIESTINHAS – Dual unitary gate circuits


  • [M1] Pierre BOTTERON – Tensors in quantum information theory [pdf]
  • [M1] Satvik SINGH – Absolute separability of quantum states. After reading a recent paper on an attempt to solve the ASEP = APPT conjecture, Satvik and I found a systematic way to compute averages over the diagonal unitary group and wrote a paper together. Follow-up work, focused on applications (invariant states and channels, PPT2 conjecture) is now available


  • [L1] Teo BALAUZE, Thomas DA ROCHA, Owen FRESSE-COLSON – À la découverte des algorithmes quantiques [pdf]
  • [L2] Maxime DE SOUSA, Lucas DE OLIVEIRA-MANGIN – Les matrices de Hadamard [pdf]
  • [L3] Guillaume DUMAS – Superpermutations [pdf]. Guillaume has a very nice paper out, based on the work he did during the internship.
  • [M1] Jordi PILLET – Non-commutative generalisations of Sinkhorn’s theorem and applications to quantum information theory
  • [M2] Antoine ROUX – Incompatibilité des mesures quantiques [pdf]